Lynda Lemay

Like a kind of tightrope walker, Lynda Lemay skilfully dances on the thread that separates the theater and the singing tour, magic and horror, human beauty and ugliness ... The show, riddled with a majority of new songs, surprises by his audacity. In its decor reminiscent of the marvelous tale, the piano, guitars, saxophone and accordion blend harmoniously around the artist’s always incisive and chiseled texts.

True to her particular style, Lynda outdoes herself on all levels, she who knows celebrity thanks to the gift she has of knowing how to entertain while shaking hearts and ideas.

With the help of distinguished musicians, the singer-songwriter knows once again and better than ever to move and burst out laughing.

In the tale of madmen, she is the queen of the "dedramaturges". No one knows better than she to open her voice, to stretch out words and to caress souls.