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Montreux Jazz Festival retrospective

Over 50 years the Montreux Jazz Festival has become a singular rendezvous in the world of music.


Septembre Musical celebrates its 70th birthday in 2016!

Between tradition and modernity, the festival has reinvented itself throughout the years to become one of the greatest festivals of classical music in...


The Programme - 50th Montreux Jazz Festival

The programme for this anniversary edition of the Montreux Jazz Festival has been constructed like an echo of the historic depth of this Swiss event.


The Francopol Event Organiser shares some event secrets

On 7th, 8th and 9th October 2015, the 4th Francopol Congress took place at the Montreux Music & Convention Centre. Its organiser, Jean-Christophe...


MUSE in Montreux

Recently Grammy awarded, the British group will perform in Auditorium Stravinski at 2m2c for the 50th Edition of the Montreux Jazz Festival.