Stravinski Auditorium

Building:  Stravinski
Location: 5th floor
Maximum capacity:  3500 people
Suitable for:

  • convention
  • general meetings
  • symposium
  • plenary sessions
  • product launches
  • shows


The Stravinski Auditorium had a makeover in 2011. It has become Europe’s most multipurpose hall thanks to its practicality and acoustics. This modular auditorium with cherry wood panelling offers a unique merging of audience and stage by its different configurations: Its mobile ceiling allows acoustics to be adjusted from 1.8 to 1 second and allows the auditorium to host musical events, such as classical music concerts, choirs, symphonic orchestras and Pop Rock musicals. A 144 m2 screen (17m x 8.5m motorised rolling screen with remote control) optimises the most innovative types of projections in the context of events, thus constituting a major assets for a ceremony or conference hall. Its vertically modular floor allows seating in tiers or on a single level. Designed in 1992 for classical music, the Stravinski Auditorium welcomes each year thousands of people for the Montreux Jazz Festival and the Montreux Comedy Festival. It has hosted many different types of events from the XIIIième Sommet de la Francophonie to the SEG Recruitment Forum and the Congrès International des SatelIites Méteo.