In Davidejonatown, a lost hometown of the Far West, the inhabitants are used to choosing their new sheriff by opposing the candidates in duels to the death. Billy, a modest pacifist and puny pig breeder, learns that he was entered without his knowledge in the deadly competition, when he doesn’t even know how to use a revolver ... Will Billy get out alive? Will he become the new sheriff and be able to marry Jane, the beauty of the saloon?

For his first comedy co-written with Romain Chevalier, Artus unleashes his ever more spicy humor in a quirky and crazy parody of the western we know. With the help of accomplices as cracked as Greg Romano, Sébastien Chartier, the mind-blowing Julien Schmidt and the delicious Céline Groussard, Artus takes you on an incredible and wacky far west! Chaste ears abstain!