With "SymphoAmstramGramme", Phanee de Pool will deliver his first successes and the titles of his future album in a symphonic version with the 50 musicians of the Amati orchestra and surprise guests. The Cultural Season invites this young artist, noted for the quality of her texts and the originality of her universe. The ticketing is open.

A concert with high added value

While the promise of a return to Montreux, this time featured, was running around, Phanee with the support of the Théâtre du Jorat was developing what would become his most ambitious project to date. Two months ago, she presented her "Symphogramme" to the "Grange sublime". Full house and conquered public mean that today "Symphogramme" will have a version "2.0" in Montreux and for the occasion becomes "SymphoAmstramGramme".

It is therefore a total immersion in the intense, varied, offbeat universe of Phanee de Pool that the public will do. On stage, Phanee of course, her charisma and all her barda, starting with this strange machine made to measure for her, who speaks, gives orders, rebels, explodes. There will also be this beautiful Amati orchestra composed of 50 passionate musicians mainly from the entire canton of Vaud and led by the Lausanne Marc Tairraz, opening to Phanee the infinite contours of a symphonic world on arrangements composed by Etienne Champollion, collaborator between others by Keren Ann, Rose, Oldelaf and in his time by Charles Aznavour.

Surprises for Montreux

For Montreux especially, it will also be necessary to count on some inevitably unexpected guests. Finally, the most beautiful icing on the cake for the public, it will be the discovery in a symphonic version of the songs of his future album which should also be released this spring. Amstram, it is therefore this added value that La Saison culturelle is fond of for its spectators and for them, Phanee de Pool has promised to be very generous! The Cultural Season Foundation is pleased to be able to support this talented artist and to offer him the opportunity to present this high-quality show on the prestigious stage of the Stravinsky Auditorium.

All information on www.lasaison.ch/infos-pratiques.