Management of your event

An event coordinator, single point of liaison after your first contact with the Montreux Music & Convention Centre (2m2c), assists you throughout the preparation and implementation of your event right through to its invoicing, providing you with advice and suggestions to ensure its success. He interfaces with our specialist teams and identifies the expertise required to implement the most appropriate solutions. On D-Day he is backed up by our Welcome and Coordination team, your on-site partners who can act promptly for a last minute order or modification. They also provide your participants assistance through their “business centre” service.

Outside contractors:

To complete our internal service offer, we proposer a range of additional services provided by outside contractors selected by 2m2c for the quality of their work.

  • Cloakroom service and hostess
  • security and surveillance service
  • private parking places
  • car and limousine rental
  • signposting
  • floral decorations

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Whatever the size of your event, 2m2c can recommend caters capable of preparing dishes to suit your mood, whether you are seeking coffee break refreshments or a Gala dinner, and whose expertise has already been appreciated on many occasions by our clients.

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Dorier is a leading provider in Switzerland and abroad for Audio-Visual services. For more than 35 years, Dorier has designed and implemented tailor made technical production solutions to maximize the impact of client messages.

In addition to projection, sound, lighting and video production - we have a comprehensive portfolio of cutting-edge tools and solutions specifically designed for conference management including presentation management, live signage, e-posters, content capture/dissemination and audience interactivity systems.

We provide our clients with a “One Stop Shop Solution” from conception to production, help them transform their dreams into reality and find the best solution with the best value.


As regards cleaning, the Montreux Music & Convention Centre (2m2c) can offer different types of cleaning services, depending on the type of event.


  • During setup and dismantling (events requiring stands to be erected, large props), clean up of the exhibition areas, that is to say removal of bulky waste, and removal and destruction of other rubbish. Throw-away stands: must be on pallets.
  • Cleaning of public spaces, meeting rooms and stands, depending on use.
  • Recycling and sorting of waste according to type and applicable standards.


  • rental of containers, dump trucks or rubbish compactors for different types of rubbish (food, wood, metal, etc.)
  • rental of dump truck of 4m3 to 40m3 for the removal of bulky waste if the client does not wish to use our clean-up services

A specific quote will be drawn up for any other demand.



Setup and furnishing

Our large stock of furniture allows us to offer you a wide choice for the furnishing of the areas that you will be using.

The following services are available:

  • basic furniture, Castelli chairs, tables of all sizes, reception counters, display cases, refrigerators, flip charts, coat racks, podiums, etc.)
  • Syma modular stands
  • luminous walls
  • exhibition carpet tiles
  • theme furniture, wide range of furniture available from suppliers’ catalogues
  • modular bar components with or without sink for your recreational areas
  • mobile and modular stage structures (Eberhard movable platforms )
  • signposting
  • handling equipment