Team building through music

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Team building through music
Did you know that? The 2m2c hosts events focused on corporate team building on the theme of music. These events are the perfect opportunity for this centre to exploit its potential. Indeed, this house has within its walls one of the most beautiful rooms in Europe, with incomparable acoustics: the Stravinsky Auditorium, technical resources, a passionate team, in an idyllic setting to host such events in the best conditions. These activities also reveal the identity of the 2m2c, namely the balance between the organization of musical and commercial events.
What is team building?
This concept is based on the fact that cohesion and interaction between members of the same team have the power to carry out projects and even surpass objectives. Team building is set up through shared experiences and activities that allow employees to forget the day-to-day business of a company for a day or a seminar. This concept breaks down barriers, facilitates communication, makes people want to participate, puts everyone on an equal footing, encourages creativity and develops problem-solving skills. Many companies are increasingly using this type of event and have proven their effectiveness on many occasions.
As you know, music is known for its ability to bring people together. Therefore, what could be better than a team building in music to create a real cohesion within a group. Both fun and informative, music team building is one of the most popular activities of this concept for companies. Simple and efficient, it is one of the best compromises to organize events with adapted and adaptable budgets to everyone.
This is where it happens!
On March 28, 2019, Accorhotels' Global Meeting Exchange was one of the most recent team building events by music held at 2m2c.  Organized by Songdivision, this activity took place in the most mythical but also the most appropriate room for this type of event, the Stravinsky Auditorium. This team-building was carried out in two stages. The first was to create small groups to write a song. In a second step and after having shared lyrics for this song, all the participants gathered on stage to play this music. As you can guess, the ultimate goal of this event was to bring everyone together on a common project and strengthen the bonds between everyone. But it also allows you to create a conviviality and get to know each other in a different way.
It should be noted that the event was a success appreciated by all, including the person in charge of the event, Mrs Justine David, who praised the quality of the services and professionalism of the 2m2c teams.
So, if you also want to step on the same stage as Sting, Lady Gaga, Prince or Quincy Jones during a musical team building. Do not hesitate to contact us again! The Stravinsky Auditorium is the ideal setting for all events in the enchanting setting of Montreux!

Alexis Blanpain - 2m2c - 05.20.19