Zep draws this year poster and Aliose joins the cast!

The French-speaking duo Aliose joins Isabelle Boulay for this 10th edition of Tous en Chœur devoted to the repertoire of Jean-Jacques Goldman. The official poster is also unveiled. It is signed by Zep.

Announced in September, the 10th edition of Tous en Chœur is a great success with the public. It is a beautiful mark of confidence for this event which since 2008 has brought together amateur choristers and artists renowned for a show-creation. In the past, Francis Cabrel, Maurane, I Muvrini, Laurent Voulzy and Hugues Aufray have all participated in this exercise. While reminding that Jean-Jacques Goldman, faithful to his desire for discretion, will not be present on the stage of the Stravinski Auditorium in Montreux, his songs continue to cross time and space. 

Under the direction of Jacky Locks, who composes the vocal arrangements and directs the choir, the choice of titles for the show is being made these days. At the same time, the organizers, after having already announced the arrival of Quebec singer Isabelle Boulay, are pleased to welcome the French-speaking duo Aliose. After more than ten years of career, an album that earned them a nomination for the Victoires de la Musique 2018 and a great recognition of their talent by the French public, Alizé Oswald and Xavier Michel are back in French-speaking Switzerland to share the stage with the 200 singers around this repertoire with which the two songwriters-performers have grown. After Henri Dès and Bastian Baker, this is the third time that Swiss artists have appeared in the cast of Tous en Chœur. Another distinguished guest will be announced shortly.

On the chorus side, the rehearsals began with enthusiasm. The mixture of generations within the choir will allow five-part arrangements to be heard. Four professional musicians will also be on stage. With Tous en Chœur, the volunteer committee associated with the Montreux Cultural Season Foundation seeks to demonstrate the ability of choral art to bring people from all walks of life together around this musical and human adventure.

"Tous en Choeur - on chante Goldman !", 10th edition on March 20 and 21, 2020 at 8pm, Stravinski Auditorium, 2m2c

Tickets and additional information (in French): www.lasaison.ch