about us

Member of the « Tourism for Development », « Green Globe » and the « United Nation Global Compact », the 2m2c acknowledges, as a company, having an environmental duty and commits to defining its own challenges and goals in terms of sustainable development and to include them in its policy, its projects and its management practices consequently.


An economic cooling system

The air conditioning of the 2m2c is provided by a waterworks taking the water from below the lake level. The hydrant is located 300 meters offshore and 80 meters deep down. This system supplies the 2m2c as well as the Fairmont Montreux Palace. This ecological fixture enables an energy saving of almost 700’000 KWh/year, which represents a saving of nearly 35% per year. The 2m2c’s main goal is to maintain a good operation of this system in order to regulate those figures.


A rational use of the energy

The 2m2c uses low wattage light bulbs for practically all the facility. Moreover, an infrared tracking system is set “off-event” in order to cut down the electrical consumption related to the lighting. The 2m2c favors those economic neon tubes and wishes to integrate them in the entire building.

The 2m2c has also recently acquired two natural gas boilers, gas being a low polluting combustible. This gas is non toxic for human beings and animals, as well as for soils and waters and represents an energy saving, thanks to the condensation and modulation technologies and also the heat retrieval.


Nature and landscape protection

The metallic structure of the 2m2c is protected by a vegetative roof, whose main function is not only to improve the humidity discharge, but also to create and to preserve a green way.


Pollution revention and control of hazards linked to waste

With an average of 130 tons of waste each year, the 2m2c pursues a strict policy regarding recycling so as to prevent pollution. Almost all wastes are sorted and recycled but the 2m2c’s challenge is to pursue a “no waste” campaign, aiming to recycle absolutely all the wastes.

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