2m2c - Montreux



22nd edition of the Swiss Economic Forum

Like an air of newfound freedom, the Montreux Congress and Music Center (2m2c) cautiously hosted its first major event since the lifting of restrictions following the Covid-19 pandemic.

The 22nd edition of the Swiss Economic Forum ended successfully after two days of conferences at the Center de Congrès et Musique Montreux. It welcomed 50 prestigious speakers who developed their vision on the theme of "Walk the line" and brought together 900 participants, mainly CEOs and managers of Swiss companies and who, for the most part, stayed in hotels on the Riviera.

The Swiss Economic Forum, the largest event in Switzerland dedicated to the economy, is the first major event to have taken place since the arrival of the pandemic in Switzerland last March. The slogan “Walk the line” was as much suited to the speeches of its speakers as it was to the paths to follow during the travels of the participants during its 48 hours of conferences with the establishment of “new paths to take”.

These two days of conferences took place under special conditions, strict security measures, the development of a protection plan required meticulous work by the SEF teams in order to meet the criteria imposed by the federal ordinance, the result was perfect. A great demonstration that we can host events of 900 people in full compliance with health rules.

An opportunity for its 900 participants to meet, discuss and be inspired by a varied program, and speakers from the highest sphere with, to name but a few, the presence of: Paul Bulcke, VRP of Nestlé, François Hollande, former President of the French Republic, Chabi Nouri, CEO of Piaget, Bear Grylls, TV host and Global Adventurer, Guy Parmelin, Vice-President of the Federal Council, Daniel Grieder, CEO Hugo Boss, Alois von und zu Lichtenstein, Deputy Head of State of the Principality of Liechtenstein…

22nd edition of the Swiss Economic Forum