2m2c - Montreux

Avenir 2m2c

2m2c - Montreux’s Music and Convention Centre is a multi-purpose Exhibition Centre catering to a range of professional, cultural and public events. This 18,000sqm venue, on the shores of Lake Geneva, boasts a fully adaptable infrastructure right in the heart of Montreux yet completely at one with its natural surroundings. The quality and know-how dedicated to each and every event has been unsurpassed in Switzerland for nearly 50 years.

2m2c - Montreux
2m2c - Montreux2m2c - Montreux

A new shell

  • Rewarding
  • Versatile
  • Sustainable
  • Harmonious
  • Nurturing

Future project 2m2c will deliver a complete upgrade of existing technical installations, ensuring optimal comfort whilst significantly reducing energy consumption and running costs. This new era at 2m2c embraces modernity and sustainability whilst safe-guarding the authenticity of our rich heritage in event management.

The benefits of renovation

  • Maintaining the value and usability of this local asset. The municipality has invested over 100 million francs in the Convention Centre since 1973.
  • A review of any structural problems within the original three phase construction prior to commencing the overall renovation. 
  • A truly organic environment conforming to the ethos of sustainable development.
  • A fair and well-planned approach balancing the implementation of the modifications with the expectations of the event holders and the participants.
  • A way to attract those future events seeking freshness and innovation.
  • A space dedicated to local organisations.
  • An opportunity to rethink and future-proof our flagship events and further maximise the touristic infrastructure of the location
  • Reasonable economic and business growth.
  • The drive to expand awareness of the Montreux Brand.
  • A new boost for the municipality and the region.
2m2c - Montreux2m2c - Montreux

Fondation pour l'avenir du 2m2c calls for donations

Supporting the Fondation pour l'avenir du 2m2c means actively participating in the economic development and cultural influence of Montreux, the Canton and Switzerland. It means working together to build a venue that is open and accessible to all, equipped with state-of-the-art operating facilities to meet the needs of organizers and audiences alike.

And it also means providing concrete support:

  • Contribute significantly to the sustainable pursuit of the 2m2c's public-interest mission
  • Providing an optimal venue for events with high added value for our region
  • Preserve an immense cultural heritage
  • Ensure harmonious and sustainable regional development
  • Support the economic dynamism and hundreds of jobs linked to the 2m2c's activities
  • Defend the interests of local companies, as well as those of all residents